Change Your Life!

Know Yourself .

We all experience stress in our lives to some degree. We do not, however, all have to suffer from it, allowing it to interfere with and invade our life so as to control us.

 It may interest you to know that we can learn to let go of stress, but some hold on to it, allowing it to either plague their health, or disrupt their relationships. These people can become ill,  however, stress is not the cause of  illness so much as not being able to accept and love ourselves..

Almost every one handles the same stressful situation differently.

The differences can only be the individual’s attitude towards stress. The way we deal with stress says more about ourselves than about the stressful situation that threatens us. We need to build ourselves up, and this CAN be done very simply if you are determined to do it.

The challenge with dealing with stress is not so much to cope with living in the world, but to cope with living with oneself!!.

Know yourself

Self knowledge is a wonderful thing. You cannot control yourself until you know yourself. You cannot expect to understand the world and the motivations of others until you look deep into yourself.

Sadly, it is not possible to love yourself if you do not understand yourself.

Accept responsibility

Self-responsibility demands that we put an end to the practice of finding fault and putting blame on circumstance and on the action of others.

In the end, we must look at ourselves, and accept the responsibility.

Appreciate yourself.

People who suffer from stress are very often impatient with themselves, have a low self-esteem, are too self-critical. They experience a sense of inner frustration which tells them they should be doing better than they are, and may not even recognise their own achievements.

They have lost the ability to love and appreciate themselves for what they are. They are looking to the world to give them fulfillment instead of being able to give it to themselves.

So basically, the challenge of stress is not so much to do with others, but with living with ourselves. The world appears for the most part a turbulent, and ever-changing place, but we can find peace within our selves.

The answers to our problems can be found more often within us than in any other place.

Perhaps realising the points above may help to make changes that will make a difference, not only to you, but to everyone in your life......Onwards and Upwards!!!



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