Change Your Life!


The best that you can be….

You have value, and you are unique. We all are special in one way or another. Don’t doubt that for a moment!!

You may feel that the world may seem to discredit you, or even oppose you, for one reason or another. Yet you have value that goes far beyond the superficial considerations of the world.

Personal fulfillment doesn't come from trying to become someone you're not. It comes from expressing, in each moment, the unique and genuine person you truly are……do we always do that??

The success that matters is the success you achieve at making your own special contribution to life. The success that matters is the success of expressing your own unique value on things that surround you.

There are things you are able to see that no one else can see, things you are able to do that no one else can do. True success comes from seeing those things and doing those things, with an attitude of gratitude and generosity.

I was at a seminar once with 100 people in the hall. The lecturer said "100 people here, that is 200 eyes, and not one of them sees life in the same way as any other" That is so true, and that’s why there are so may differences, and so many different sets of values, and so very many ways of looking at ourselves and others around us….we are all seeing things differently!

Rather than struggling to fit yourself into someone else's idea of success, or someone else’s way of looking at you, define success for yourself, based on who you really are. For that is, by far, the very best kind.

I will quite often ask a client if they like themselves, and more often than not, the answer is "No". Normally these people are very attractive, successful, with good personalities, and people that I am sure will give the impression of being self confident and at one with the world...... Not always so!

Success in a person starts inside. So much so, that when that is right, nothing stops some people!!

We need to like ourselves, not in a conceited way, though it might sometimes be interpreted like that, but in a way that we are happy to be around, happy to just be buzzing with the daily activities, and getting pleasure out of being alive.

Being physically imperfect is no hinderance to people who are content with WHO they are, and aren’t you attracted to people who seem to value their worth? It should be an epidemic, then we could all catch it!!!!

I have learnt an awful lot from the people I have come into contact with in life, and some of them have had the most dire situations and circumstances. They were finally handling things wonderfully and were content and determined to make the most of things. I love people like that…they could teach us something no academic qualification can touch!!

I have a flower in the garden that constantly looks as if it is dead, and I have often been on the point of pulling it up, then all of a sudden the most beautiful bloom will appear….as if to say "I’m not giving up!!"

If we want to be the best that we can be, like that flower, we should never, never, EVER, give up!!


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