Change Your Life!


The Right Place...........Are you in the right place at the right time????

You may think that you are not, and that you have missed out a lot in your life, but have you ever considered that EVERY place is the right place and the right time if you use every opportunity to make changes and improvements?

It’s not that hard!!… you just have to get used to doing it - a bit like learning anything I guess – before you walked or talked, did we ever think we would?….but we did. We watched and listened, and applied what we saw and heard, and as tough as it might have been to start with, look at us now….the majority of us did it!

Many people who have never thought positively, or who had become addicted to relying on others to make them happy (co-dependents) are beginning to see the light…..CARPE DEUM is Latin for "Seize the day", and the moment is NOW!…. Whenever you need to make changes to situations we are in and not happy with. Yes, seize the day, make a decision and improve your life and the lives of others round you by handling things differently, better, and by getting different results.

Life would be so boring if we were all the same, but being different and not accepting the differences can seem to cause problems if we have a problem accepting the fact that no one sees life through the same pair of eyes, and certainly no one has the ability to walk in another persons shoes.

For what it is worth, my personal life has been a massive learning curve, and I am more than happy to pass on any of the things that have had a beneficial effect for me. I come into contact all the time with people who, without realising it, help me to see things another way….sadly a lot of people haven’t latched on to things yet, and they go from day to day looking at things the same way and handling things the same way………….result???? Unhappiness continues.

You have to MAKE changes to EXPERIENCE changes.

I believe that we all have a lot to answer for….sorry !! Some of us expect too much from others in our lives and are not prepared to see things differently….some of us are too dominant or, to the other extreme, we behave like doormats and wonder why we get treated like one!! Have you ever heard a doormat complain??? Possibly not, because they know what they are and don’t expect any other treatment except for people to wipe their feet on them!! If you feel you are being walked on….make some changes that will prove that you love yourself enough to be treated differently.

Why not  think about using moments in your life to make changes that will help others to SEE you as you want to be seen…..Do you know that we actually TEACH people how to treat us…FACT!!!

Take the control that belongs to you and then you will always be in the right place at the right time!!

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