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Hello......Thanks for coming on here!....I hope you enjoy browsing through the different topics....many show that they do by signing on the guestbook at the end of the site.

My name is  Violet King......Personal  Confidential Counsellor, living in Spain from the UK with my husband now since 1999,  and I am happy if coming on here helps you to handle any problems you might have  just by reading some of the articles on here.

The basic things to understand are that if we look at things differently and handle things differently, we will get different results!....and we are in control!

  The topics  listed on the left hand side of this page are typical of the type of articles I write for  ex pat magazines here in Spain, and they appear, along with others, in a book that I had published  in 2006.

The feedback has been really encouraging. ....

Most of us need to see things differently to make changes in our lives.

  My counselling  training   was  not involved in  giving advice, or telling people what to do, but helping people to take control of their lives by self motivation.....The Carl Rogers method. 

Since coming to Spain to live, as well as face to face counselling with clients, I have been involved in   starting self improvement groups,  as well as starting two non smoking  social clubs, giving talks in various venues,  and  writing articles for several monthly magazines here for the English speaking community on the Costa Blanca. I have also been  interviewed on  TV channels and various Radio Channels.... so I have been busy, and now I am relaxing!!

 My  book  "Change Your Life....Do It Today"  is  available as an E-book ...  the hard copy  is for sale with Amazon, however, if you are interested.........

Send me your email address and I will let you have the EBook FREE. 

I have had such lovely feedback from many readers.....Thank you!

Lovely to have you on here!

Just click on any page heading on the left hand side and check things out!!...come on the Guest Book too!

Thanks for looking in!....

Onwards and Upwards!!


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