Change Your Life!


Change Your Life !                                 

You are unique, you are special, we all are, and I feel sure that we would all like to have the best of everything life has to offer because that makes us feel good, and feeling that way is comfortable and makes us feel safe.

Do you know that you can have it within your power today to make changes that will bring about the kind of difference you would like to have in your life? It is all up to you.  It is not down to circumstances or environment, but it is down to something that only you can control. It is down to your attitude of mind.

We can have the wrong attitude towards most things in life and then wonder why things go wrong for us in our relationships and in our daily contacts, without realising that it all goes wrong in our minds first. The way we are living at this moment in time is down to how we think about things and our mental attitude towards everything in life. We have the ability to make major changes by finding a positive way to view everything. Here are just two examples:

MISTAKES: We all make them, but instead of giving the mistake the power to affect our lives by depressing us, turn your thoughts into something positive by recognising that it is a LEARNING CURVE, and use the experience to avoid the same situation in the future. We finally did this as children, why did we stop as adults?

FAILURES: We all have them…..none of us has learnt to walk without falling over many times, but even back then as children the  very act of failing was a reason to KEEP ON TRYING. Why should that be any different now that we are mature adults? Why do we give up so easily?...................                                                          

The answer to that question is that we now CHOOSE to view things negatively, we loose self esteem, we become disillusioned, and quite frankly some of us give up the hope of ever seeing the silver lining, although it is there in everyone’s life if we have the right attitude…..don’t refuse to see it. Instead of allowing your mind to bring you down, find a positive way to view everything and watch the changes that will occur in your life as new doors of opportunity open for you as you start to do this. Sometimes we may need help to see how we can achieve this, but once you understand that you have the ability to change your life by altering your attitude towards everything you will benefit by attracting positive people to you and things will begin to improve for you. Everyone has the ability to do this, just put it to the test. You are special enough to deserve only the best, so do it,….. and do it today!

"There is no such thing as failure....only giving up!"





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