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Is Time A Great healer???


I am sure that many people think so, but perhaps I could suggest that it isn’t TIME that heals, but what actually heals is how we handle that time, and what we do with it.

Think about that carefully before you reject the idea completely.

You see there are many occasions in life when we think we are victims of circumstance, but does this make sense to you?…… Whatever life flings at us we may have no control over, but we DO have control over our response to whatever happens to us.

How many times do we listen to a situation in someone else’s life and say "I wouldn’t put up with THAT" ? That means that if you were in that situation and handled it differently then for a certainty, the result and outcome would be different.

Two different ways of handling the same situation would bring different results, and THAT is the kind of control we all have in our lives. To give an easy illustration…the same ingredients make the same kind of cake…change the ingredients and we get a different cake!!!

So if you are not happy with the situation you have at the moment, change the way you are handling things….it works!!

In case you think I have made this sound too easy, I know from my personal experience that the hardest thing about all this is to BELIEVE that we have choices in the way things will work out. The result of those choices, if made wisely, is what heals, NOT time itself.

That proves that we have a massive input available to us as far as dealing with any given situation, whatever it is, and some peoplle just don’t like to accept the responsibility…..they would rather blame others!!.

Some people go through a lifetime not being able to find relief from emotional pain because they go through their life without making the changes they need to make to enable them to heal.

 Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could really understand what it takes to make these changes and to enjoy the results we get from it all?

The basic thing to accept is that our minds are more powerful than our bodies…anyone can restrict our bodies, but even if we were in a metal container at the bottom of the deepest ocean our minds are still free…prayers can still wing heavenward, and the way we think can empower us in every situation.

If we have the ability to change our lives, to heal our pain and to take control, why don’t we do it? Why do some of us stay locked in the same frame of mind and refuse to make the changes needed to make our lives better?

Knowing why would be good.

What do you think? Whatever the reason, we can all learn to handle things differently… as adults we are all in situations we have chosen over the years… is never too late to learn how to make changes , and we can all improve the quality of the rest of our lives.


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