Change Your Life!


The clock ticks on,………..

and I think Barbra Streisand had it right when she sang "Everything must change….nothing stays the same". Perhaps it would be the most helpful thing if we could realise that, and accept it for what it is, a reality.

So very many people are hurting and remaining in real emotional pain because they cannot accept the changes in their lives, and yet the changes are inevitable and unalterable.

It may seem sad to think that if we are happy today we could go from happiness to disaster in one fell swoop, but if we are happy today, where are all the tears and the emotional pains from the past?…They have gone, or we have found some way of keeping them at bay.

Ask how we have managed to do that, and repeat the answer you get on a low day. Did we "switch off" to past pain? Did we "forget" past pain? Or did we just recharge our batteries and be determined to have the most happiness we could get out of life?

Whatever method we used, it worked for us, so keep applying it.

How sad to spend most of our lives in a state of sadness because we couldn’t alter the past. If you feel that you have always been a victim in life, ask yourself why?

The choices we have made, the attitudes we have adopted, the way we have handled things, will be the reason why.

Sometimes the circumstances and the environment we find ourselves in are unalterable, but the way we view everything, and our attitude towards everything is in our control.

In case you think I am not being realistic, I promise you that I have personally turned my life around many times, just by handling things differently.  I have also had friends and clients who have applied making changes themselves and experienced dramatic changes. works!

You can empower yourself and achieve big changes in your life if you realise that you are in control of the way you handle every situation, every day of your life!!

Get out of bed and start with a positive thought, even write it down and build a list of positive thoughts that you can look at when you feel low.

Live each day as if it were your last by really looking at things and not taking anything for granted. The world was created to be a wonderful place, look for the best bits!!

Whatever has gone wrong so far, let’s not say "What if?" it hadn’t happened,… ask "What next?" and look for the next opportunity to move forwards.

Another thing Barbra sings in that song are the words... "There are no mistakes, just lessons to be learned"….I make no apologies for being a fan of that kind of philosophy!!



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