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                                                    We are what we THINK!!                                                              


In case some of us have a problem with that, let me tell you that there is more truth in that statement than anything else you are likely to hear!

You may be bald, overweight, frankly unattractive, with all manner of physical problems, but that is only what you LOOK LIKE.

It is not WHAT you ARE, or WHO you are!

Look at pop stars, football heroes, or anyone else who manages to attract the attention of the masses. Just think what they would look like walking down the street....would the majority of them look outstanding? .......

I don't think so, BUT because of their various talents they really BELIEVE that they are something special and so THAT is what they ARE, both in their own eyes and everyone else's.

If we wonder whether we have talents that would make us that special, the answer is, of course! We all have something to offer life, but we don't always project our qualities in a way that others notice.

Why not be sincerely inquisitive and spend some few minutes each day just thinking about what is special about you.

We all have gifts of personality and it is up to us to find out what they are....ask someone else to tell you what they are if you cannot come up with careful who you ask!!!

In a recent discussion I was having with a young man, I was commenting on the fact that I believe that 95% of the people are around in life out of sheer necessity to keep things turning over, but that the extra 5% are the ones in life who make the difference.

He asked me if I thought he was one of the 5%.............I told him he probably was,..... because he asked the question! So many people wouldn't even be able to associate with the concept that they are different, or be one of the 5%, because that is not what they THINK about themselves.

Don't allow others to evaluate you...value YOURSELF enough to believe that you can make a mark somewhere in life and that you are different.

Love yourself enough to have this positive thought pattern with you at all times and see what life then offers you. A wonderful book called "No Chance Encounter" says that perhaps there is a reason why we meet everyone in our lives, so we should take advantage of that and use every opportunity to find out what the reason is.

Since reading that I have been amazed at what can happen in situations involving the people I have met recently and I do believe that we should take more notice of people who come into our lives and the way we handle them.

Life offers us such a wonderful opportunity to take the best out of every situation, no matter how mundane....we don't have to have exciting lives to value the way we handle every situation.

Look at the most well known types of work in the service industry......I have noticed street cleaners, toilet cleaners, dustbin men, waiters and waitresses, nurses etc. etc. who did their job with such an amazing attitude that they DID make a difference and it was noticeable.

I always compliment people like that and I get great pleasure out of realising that they appreciate being valued.

We can all make a difference , by the way we think about what and who we are!


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